IFIA World Congress and
Innovation Conference, Stockholm 2015



IFIA World Congress, agenda

Day 2, August 26:th, open sessions for IFIA-members and invited guests


09.00 Registering, Coffee
09.30 Opening of the Congress
IFIA President, Mr Alireza Rastigar
10.00 The need for establishing the origin of Innovation.
Danish Inventors Association Chairwoman, Mrs. Vivi Aakjær
10.45 The need of a specific Technology Transfer
 activity accessible for independent inventors
IFIA Director, Mr. Lennart Nilsson
11.30 The need for adequate data on innovation and
invention output
Icelandic Inventors Federation Chairwoman, Mrs. Elinora
Inga Sigurdardottir
12.15 Food For Thought: Ingenious Women bridging the gap in Innovation and Technology.
Mrs Bola Olabisi, distinguished founder of the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network

Lunch served in the congress restaurant

14.00 Major-, SME's, or micro-companies and their re-
levance to innovation. A new model for a syste-
matic synapse between inventors and enterprise
STIK Chairman, Mr Örjan Strandberg
14.45 The effect of creativity on youth
Dipl.Phys. Winfried Sturm, Physicist, Scientist, Teacher
15.30 Decisions on possible congress statements con-
cerning the topics discussed during the sessions.
IFIA president, Mr Alireza Rastegar

Afternoon Coffee break

16.30 Summary of the congress
IFIA president, Mr Alireza Rastegar
17.00 Closing of the congress